Sanitizable Mouse

Fully sealed mouse with capacitive sensor as the acting scroll wheel.

Color Part Number
Black TG-CMS-B-801
White TG-CMS-W-801
  • Sanitizable Medical Mouse
  • Wrapped With Durable Silicone Rubber
  • Capacitive Sensor to Replace Traditional Middle Wheel
  • 2 Standard Mouse Keys: Left and Right
  • Mouse Sensor: Optical

Technical Data

  • Optical Sensor Resolution: 1000CPI
  • Speed of Motion Detection: Up to 15 Inches Per Second
  • Acceleration: 5g

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Supply: USB (Wired)
  • Batteries (Wireless)
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.25V 5.5V
  • Current Consumption: 10mA @ Mouse Moving (Normal)
  • 5mA @ Mouse Not Moving (Sleep)
  • 480µA @ USB Suspend (Suspend)

Medical Mouse Data Sheet PDF