Meeting the unique needs and stringent requirements of the government sector

One of TG3’s greatest strengths is our ability to adapt to the different needs and requirements of our customers. This is especially important when it comes to providing digital input solutions for the government sector. At TG3 Electronics, we are able to abide by the policies and regulations the government has defined regarding computer peripherals, including TAA compliant options. Our CAC card reader products allow for multifactor authentication that is crucial to government security. We can also add a biometric fingerprint reader to assist with the authentication process.

In addition, TG3 Electronics specializes in creating custom input devices according to exact specifications. The customer can decide if the product needs to be fully built out domestically or, to help with costs, a product can be sub-assembled domestically.

person in military uniform using a laptop

Some of the digital input solutions we offer for government applications include:

  • TAA Compliant Keyboards
  • TAA Compliant Card Readers
  • Industrial Keyboards
  • Sealed Keyboards
  • Standard Layout Keyboards
  • Sealed Mice
  • Custom Digital Input Solutions

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