About Us

Since 1986, TG3 Electronics has helped customers operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively by improving business performance and productivity. We do this by designing, implementing, and supporting superior engineering input solutions.

We specialize in the following solutions but are not limited to standard and custom keyboards, bump bars, control panels, and custom display devices.

Video Transcript

TG3 Electronics is a leading supplier of custom engineered input solutions, building standard and custom keyboards, bump bars, control panels, card readers, display devices and printed circuit boards. TG3 specializes in products that absolutely must withstand rough treatment and keep functioning flawlessly.

Our mobile data keyboards are especially popular with law enforcement agencies. They’re mountable, extremely rugged, chemical-resistant and waterproof, with adjustable backlighting and tactile full-travel keyswitches that decrease input errors.

TG3 is well known among health care providers because our silicone-wrapped washable keyboards and mice make them easy to regularly sterilize.

Government agencies rely on our standalone and keyboard-embedded card readers because they’re the highest-quality products on the market. They’re competitively priced and they’re fully TAA-compliant.

TG3’s input devices can be incrementally customized, or designed from the ground up, to meet your precise requirements.

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers can take your rough product ideas or fully specified requirements and deliver an outstanding product every time. Our meticulous engineering and rigorous testing delivers excellent performance while maintaining a competitive price.

We treat every order with the same high level of respect, regardless of size or complexity. TG3 Electronics is built on delivering quality input devices on time and on budget.

Price, quality and delivery: we truly live by that.

TG3 was founded by J. Thomas Giles III (TG3). From its origins in Tom’s basement to its international manufacturing base today, TG3 continues to recognize engineering expertise and customer support as the bedrock of its success. Our in-house engineering team as well as the sales team is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

We work with customers of all sizes, worldwide and specialize in solutions for law enforcement, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and government.

At TG3 Electronics, we’re driven to solve business problems with innovative engineering input solutions.


Based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, TG3 Electronics’ 45,000 square foot facility houses world-class, domestic manufacturing capabilities of custom input devices. We have maximized our floor space by implementing complete automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines. Additionally, TG3 has manufacturing sites in China, allowing us the flexibility to dropship directly to end users anywhere in the world.