Success Stories

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From inception to delivery and through ongoing support, TG3 Electronics develops custom input solutions that meet our customers’ most challenging needs. The following case studies demonstrate TG3’s ability to conceptualize, design, implement, and support superior input solutions across a variety of industries. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your performance and productivity with a custom input system.

Refrigeration Display


This user interface is for higher-end refrigerators to dispense water and ice. The product is backlit.

This user interface allows the end user to automate or lock the panel in its entirety.

custom control panels for high-end refrigerators

TG3 Design

The refrigerators themselves have a 20 year life warranty. Knowing this information, TG3 needed to develop a product that can last for 20 years. The design itself has no moving parts.

The most important part of this product is that the user interface needed to look and feel like stainless steel while still having the option to have backlighting abilities and chemical resistance.


  • Poor design led to failures
  • Degrading of the appearance over time, product started to appear inexpensive
  • Unique use case, problematic for cap-sense


  • Plastic made to match stainless steel look and feel
  • Plastic required to achieve backlit icons utilizing the in-mold decorating process
  • Custom capacitive touch algorithms
  • Specialized LED lighting
high-end refrigerator in a home kitchen setting
high-end refrigerator in a home kitchen setting
high-end refrigerator in a home kitchen setting