Custom Solutions


TG3 prides itself on being a fully integrated solution provider for its customers. The best part about working with TG3 is that the engineering team is able to pick up or let go wherever the customer sees fit. Yes, TG3 loves to be the sole solution integrator and provider but if the engineering team is only needed for part of the project, TG3 is fully capable and committed to being a great resource for any project.

TG3’s R&D team is always exploring the latest technology or using existing technology when developing a custom or standard product. The engineering team is able to work with most technology especially if it means meeting the highest expectations for a customer.

Many of TG3’s customers have multiple ongoing projects. TG3 is flexible to work with and is able to prioritize projects depending on the customers’ priorities.


TG3’s engineering team provides innovative and unique designs for each customer. The team utilizes the best in creativity and the latest in technology to deliver total design and manufacturing solutions to its customers. A customer can rest assured knowing that TG3 is an extension of their own design and engineering team.

The engineering team is made up of mechanical, electrical, PCB layout, and software designers. By having this wide array of engineers, TG3 is capable of meeting a customer’s design requirements, product specifications, and manufacturing costs.

Some of the many solutions TG3 brings to the table are tooling, design, production and quality control. The mechanical engineers can perform the following tasks: solid works, mold flow, custom plastics, mold decorating, and stress analyst. The electrical engineers can create the following technology options on new products: custom protocols, I2C, CAN, USB, Bluetooth, tempest, and encrypted products. TG3 has a software engineer to aid with driver integration on custom products. The software engineer is also able to perform custom tests on all new projects with the appropriate test equipment that TG3 has on hand. TG3 specializes in developing custom printed circuit boards. TG3 has an engineer who strategically places the circuit board layout while simultaneously optimizing the layout for immunity. TG3 is able to perform product validation and verification testing in both the US and China.

TG3 is dedicated to helping customers overcome product challenges within budget while accommodating every aspect of the product development cycle from concept to production.


With its global manufacturing presence, TG3 has manufacturing sites in the US, Germany, and China. Having a global manufacturing presence allows TG3 the flexibility to drop ship directly to end users from anywhere in the world. TG3 is able to do a full or partial drop ship, depending on the customers’ needs.

Along with the flexibility of drop shipping direct, TG3 has the capability to provide custom packaging needs. There are a handful of customers that need specific packaging, and TG3 is equipped to meet the expectations and standards that are required for each product.

Many of TG3’s customers need TAA-compliant products. By having a US-based manufacturing site, TG3 is able to meet the TAA-compliancy needs for those customers who need it.

Kitting for many products is an essential daily task TG3 performs. The customer is able to decide how much is kitted here in the US based on the budget TG3 is working off of with the customer. How much is kitted depends on the products and labor that is put into each individual product.

Off-Shore Manufacturing

The China facility is over 18,000 sq. meters. The factory is ISO 9001:2015, internationally accredited. The building has central air conditioning and contains three (3) assembly work areas.

Domestic Manufacturing

TG3’s manufacturing site is roughly 45,000 sq. ft. and is a company that is family owned and operated. Similar to the China factory, TG3 is ISO 9001:2015. The TG3 production personnel are IPC trained.TG3 has completely automated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) lines. The past couple of years have really pushed TG3 to maximize its floor space when it comes to the usage of these machines.

TG3 is a certified UL manufacturing location. TG3 complies with and understands that quality and safety are of the utmost importance when it comes to its products that are manufactured. Customers can rest assured knowing TG3 is UL certified.

TG3 is a TUV certified partner. TUV helps to strengthen TG3’s success in the market with a neutrally-audited, quality product. TUV also helps to minimize liability for TG3 as well as avoid returns with guarantee periods.