Bump Bars

17 Key Bump Bars

Splash-proof and spill-proof with programmable keys, these 17-key Duraswitch keypads work with a kitchen video system.

Part Number Description
KBA-BB17-WR-TS-RC Wireless Receiver, RS232
KBA-BB17-WR-TU-RC Wireless Receiver, USB
KBA-BB17-WR-TP-RC Wireless Receiver, PS2
KBA-BB17-WT-T-RC Wireless Transmitter
KBA-BB17-TE-TS-RC Tethered, RS232
KBA-BB17-TE-TU-RC Tethered, USB
KBA-BB17-TE-TP-RC Tethered, PS2


  • 17 Key Sealed Membrane Input Surface
  • Interfaces With Current Kitchen Video System
  • High Quality and Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Relegendable Quick and Easy to Change
  • Mechanical Key Switches for Dependable, Durable operation
  • Splash / Spill Proof Design -Provides Protection to its Components
  • Standard and Custom Mounting Solutions Available
  • Top or Side Mounting Antenna Configuration


  • Color
  • Legends
  • Interfaces
  • Company Logos
  • More Available Upon Request

Electrical Specifications

  • Wired: USB, PS2, RS232
  • Wireless: Custom Wireless Protocol Between Transmitter and Receiver

17-Key Bump Bar Data Sheet (PDF)